Mazili Hotel Group has dedicated professionals who work directly with national lenders. We provide tailored financing options to our clients. Our lenders and partners include SBA approved banks, community banks, Mezzanine Lenders, and private lenders. we can bring a variety of debt and capital providers to fit a client’s needs so as to maximize their return on investment.

We assist foreign investors with EB-5 Visa programs to obtain govt backed loans for new entrepreneurs.

Our Advisory team performs complete evaluation services for our clients, including broker opinion of value reports, as well as Feasibility study reports for new construction. We also assist in site selection, franchise and brand selection and evaluation.

Our consulting team provides complete reviews and analysis of financial statements,  forecasting short and long range budgets and operation planning, assisssting in site selection and evalution for new construction. helping new owners establish professional manamgenet teams. Postioning under performing properties. 

Our research team performs analysis of current market statistics, current trends and future demand, by providing benchmark data for comparable hotels in specific market segments. we're constantly evaluating industry variables and benchmarks such as occupancy levels, ADR, and RevPar.

Project management and pre construction services is one of our tools we provide our clientswith. prior to construction, we develop a project plan for new hotel development and engage hand in hand with architechts and civil engineers to provide the most comprehensive insights into the projct.

Our team of professionals then provides a breakdown of project costs and development insights to the development team who works with the developer.